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      1. 硅膠揉面墊


        4、耐熱溫度:-40度 ~ 250度,也可用作烤箱烤盤墊,代替錫紙油紙使用;


        Silicone pastry mat

        Characteristics of silicone pastry mat:

        1.through the electrostatic and characteristics of silicone, the mat can firmly attached to the table;

        2.Food grade silicone, it’s non-toxic and harmless, All have passed food grade testing standards, in accordance with FDA, LFGB, and DGCCRF certificated, it’s safe and reliable;

        3.There have the horizontal and vertical scale and inch circle scale, pizza dough into the pan is easy to get;

        4.Temperature resistant: -40 Celsius degrees to 250 Celsius degrees, can also be used as oven liner, instead of using aluminum foil paper;

        5.Anti adhesion process, knead dough and the silicone pad is not sticky with each other

        6.Easy cleaning, if stained with flour, water washed directly is okay, if stained with oil, there is no need to scrub, use detergent soak immediately clean as new.

        7.Easy collection, the rolled the mat up when you no need it, just put anywhere, it can save space;

        8.Repeat the use of more than 2000 times, The fiberglass fabric inside of the silicone pastry mat can reinforced design to make silicone pastry mat has a long service life.

        9.Mass customized: all kinds of color / kinds of size / add label (LOGO) / printing scale / pattern can be completed.

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